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The restaurant is our strong point! We are committed to transfer our experience in the field of hospitality directly in the taste of your dish!

The tradition of the hotel Arena is served! We propose, in fact, the great classics of our land, the flavors of an Italy that is authentic and true.

Next to the healthiness and the taste of our dishes of the sea.
We come out, in fact, a costa that fills our plates of treasures: clams, mussels, blue fish, flounders and many other fish scent our kitchens every day.

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Demanding palates

Our chef then juggle between meat and fish for you to enjoy a fine cuisine, a varied and rich!

How to enjoy what you like most of all that we offer? Simple! We have three menus to choose from! What a wonder to be able to choose the one that every day tickles your palate.

Regularly, our restaurant is tinged with joy and is filled with an air of celebration! Our theme nightswith special menu, do a lot of fun with our guests!

Also the breakfast has devoted particular attention: it is of continental type, full of sweet and savory, prepared by our pastry chef. The good day starts from the morning, especially on vacation!

The most beautiful side of the holiday in Romagna you hear at the table:
the kitchen is the heart of our host.

An alternative menu

But it is not the only choice: everyone should be able to enjoy our kitchen! On request, we can prepare gluten-free foods, offer vegetarian alternatives and dishes for intolerant and allergic.

We want to take care of all of you, with care and attention to the table for everyone, even the special dishes will make you lick your chops!

Good appetite!

But is not over here. Speaking of our restaurant, we have to give an important piece of information and all the mothers who are listening: if your children are age appropriate for weaning, and prefer baby food, pureed vegetables, soups and all that is needed for their power, you are in a barrel of iron!

Our chefs prepare everything fresh each day.
Good appetite!

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