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Amusement Parks

The Romagna region is famous for its wonderful theme parks which are suitable for the entertainment of the whole family, with a wide offer for all tastes and requirements, attractions, fairy tales for children in those breathtaking for the more adventurous.

Cattolica is located a few minutes from the most famous amusement parks of the riviera, located on the hills of Riccione, suited to the needs of children and adults and are ideal for spending fun-filled days of leisure in the family or in the company of friends. The parks are easily accessible by bus, with convenient stops in the vicinity of the hotel

What is better than a good day at an amusement park to enjoy their family and their children during the holidays? Among the proposals of the Riviera are theme parks for kids with attractions fanciful inspired by the world of fairy-tales suited to the needs.

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The aquarium of Cattolica

Don't miss a visit to the Park Le Navi Cattolica, a beautiful aquarium where you can spend exciting days among the aquatic animals, the most popular and curious of the underwater world and not only.A fascinating and interesting that will kidnap children and engage adults. Pre-sale tickets directly in the hotel at discounted prices and no queuing at the checkout.

Fun for the whole Family
the theme parks of the Adriatic Riviera.

Fun for all

Among the proposals of the Riviera you will find many solutions for the enjoyment of all! A few kilometres from Cattolica there are the parks of Riccione Aquafan, Oltremare and Imax, ideal really for every taste and preference.

In Rimini you can find Fiabilandia, one of the top theme parks in Italy, completely dedicated to children, with magical settings inspired by the world of fairy tales. A real little magical world for trascorerre an unforgettable day with your children and return small for a day with them!

In Ravenna is the most famous park Mirabilandia and in the surroundings many interesting proposals, including the Ravenna Safari, the natural park of Cervia, Atlantica in Cesenatico. San Marino for the more adventurous and for kids who want to vent their vivacity, you can find the San Marino Adventure, an adventure park set in a large park.

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