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Our Inland you'll love it! Cattolica is not only sea: around you there is also history, food, events, historical re-enactments that will make you addicted and that you want to review!

First thing to do is tell how many castles wonderful that we have around us. Each one is fantastic in its genre, and everyone is the protagonist of the amazing stories! There is who tells of lovers full of passion, and as the stronghold of the delicious of Gradara. Here is the setting for the love story of Paolo and Francesca, the eternal, star-crossed lovers from dante's comedy.

Then there is the castle of San Leo, where the alchemist Cagliostro was imprisoned for life, and where it is said of magic and witchcraft still current. But the village of San Leo must be obligatory also for the striking position and the surreal beauty of his viewpoints. Here you will truly feel transported to another era.

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The Castles

In Montebello , there is the famous castle of Azzurrina. There are also stories from the chills in the castles in romagna! Blue is the ghost of a girl who, it is said, clothes still in the castle, and that in certain situations you face still feel.

And then, Montefiore, Mondaino, Montescudo Gemmano... all the wonderful castles fought over by the Malatesta family and the duchy of Federico da Montefeltro. Not to be missed Gradara, easily reachable from the Catholic with a small train, with its fascinating castle.

The hinterland of romagna
it is also the destination of many itineraries and unexpected, where the absolute protagonist is nature.

Alternative routes

A few miles past Gabicce, a town adjacent to the Catholic, there is a natural reserve located along the cliff of Fiorenzuola: the Natural Park of San Bartolo. Breathtaking views overlooking the sea and walks, scented and coloured by the broom waiting for you to give it a touch more interesting to your vacation at the sea.

And that's not all: routes are very effective and fascinating for your mountain bike is waiting for you! An example of that? From Portoverde up to Morciano, and still up to Mondaino, in the town of San Teodoro runs a bike path, accessible on foot, very curious and fascinating. Follows the river Basin and, in some of his points, it is possible to birdwatch and admire the lush fauna of the river.

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