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That nice to walk on the tourist routes, on the seafront, in the historic center! And it's really easy! This is a perfect itinerary for those who have pushchairs and prams in tow. Catholic is colorful, lively and walkable in all tranquility, walking and cycling.

Our position as a Catholic is very happy, because the way the Porters is located between two streets, the protagonists of the summer life of the strolling and shopping. At the end of via Dante and the via Carducci are, in fact, linked to from our! Two courses among the most pleasant of the city are united by a road in which lies our hotel. One step only, and it is immersed in the life of the summer's most sparkling and interesting of this beautiful town!

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Cattolica is beautiful!
It is full of events, opportunities to have fun and entertain themselves, while remaining family-friendly and children.

History and fun

Just two steps, instead, there is l’Aquarium of Cattolica, ideal destination for adults and children who want to be fascinated by the aquatic life conceivable. Sharks, jellyfish, otters, and penguins are all at the disposal of the eyes be amazed and surprised of our children! How can you resist such a show?

Cattolica also has a very interesting story: it is a small but very ancient that the origins of the first settlements related to the construction of the via Flaminia.

Has maritime traditions that have left much of their essence in the reality of today. To admire the new dock, the harbour, the lighthouse will be wonderful, especially if you will take a rest in the harbour at sunset. You see, the show will be breathtaking, and the memory of Cattolica will be impressed indelibly in the heart!

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